About US


King Power Electrical Accessories Trading is established to provide services and supplies involving engineering skills such as specialized trading, maintenance and resourcing services etc.We will provide customers with courteous, affordable and exceptional quality services for their entire industrial requirement.

Our Core values

Business Ethics - We promise to work upholding our integrity and business ethics.

Quality,Safety and Reliability - We understand that quality is the most important criteria for evaluating our services and we operate in full compliance with the latest relevant standards and regulations to ensure Quality, Safety and Reliability.
Customer's Satisfation - Our approach is based on working in close collaboration with our customers to come up with the best possible technical solutions to meet their requirement.

King Power Electrical will first try to understand the customer's requirement and will strive to meet or exceed our commitment with excellent quality on time, every time.Quality is defined as understanding the entire requirements of the customers and rendering our services to meet and exceed those requirements. Each of our employees are empowered and responsible to ensure quality in their respective areas of function We will ensure continuous improvement of our procedures to ensure improvement in quality of our system and thus our services.